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John Fielder told me the most hilarious story this morning. Remind me and I’ll tell ya #gisitr

10:38pm Sep 20th 2012

Arm the youth with music and remix: Beat Making Lab in DRC w/ @durhamite @applejuicekid

10:28pm Sep 20th 2012

@nettiequette really? banks? via @nettiequette: Who r the biggest users of GPS technology in the world? Banking industry

6:47pm Sep 20th 2012

It’s getting presidential around campus these days http://t.co/5A4PqXzh

12:33pm Sep 20th 2012

“We have over 20 petabytes of imagery. It’s quite a lot.” #GISITR

11:45am Sep 20th 2012

“Google maps is the worlds most popular web API” says googler. Speaking of APIs => http://t.co/rzGxjhoG #GISITR

11:36am Sep 20th 2012

“we’re trying to develop the online equivalent of the student union. The #gis commons.” … “Virtual beer” #GISITR

11:24am Sep 20th 2012

Good discussion of using badges to assess student #GIS coursework. American Sentinel is exploring it in the geospacial learning lab #GISITR

11:21am Sep 20th 2012

Radiohead’s House of Cards video made with LiDAR technology http://t.co/AGCgofBf #GISITR #GIS

11:05am Sep 20th 2012

In the hizzy #GISITR W00T!

11:00am Sep 20th 2012

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