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9:43am Jun 9th 2010

“We know who you are, where you are, when you’re taking the photograph.” Photography app @EyeEm tags & shares images with GIS/user metadata

8:42am Oct 9th 2012

“when it comes to engaging today’s students, it’s not the content that matters, but the format.” http://t.co/OKXfGP7y

2:10pm Oct 5th 2012

Nobody’s selling beer at #debatefest #fail #debatedenver #debate2012

5:40pm Oct 3rd 2012

DU is all fenced off and ready for a showdown! #debate2012 #debatefest #denver #udenver

12:38pm Oct 3rd 2012

@jmapping @a_glen @opencolorado @drcogorg great presentation! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work! #GISITR

11:30am Sep 21st 2012

Colorado data wranglers: publish & find open data sets at http://t.co/FHruNBi4 @OpenColorado #GISITR

11:01am Sep 21st 2012

Geospatial data sharing guidelines for best practices PDF => http://t.co/nxxPRCE2 #gis #GISITR

10:48am Sep 21st 2012

By far the highest demand for open data in Colorado is geospatial #GISITR

10:41am Sep 21st 2012

“At the center of open government is data” #GISITR

10:38am Sep 21st 2012

A Model for Open Data in Colorado session in prezi => http://t.co/2K4pSgbu #GISITR

10:25am Sep 21st 2012

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